Our Story

ReadGR, an affiliate of Reading is Fundamental (RIF), launched in 2017 when a local school district cut the RIF program from all of their schools including all RIF staff. Parents, educators, and book lovers from all around the greater Grand Rapids area rallied to continue this program.

Grand Rapids Metro Ministry, the urban ministry arm of the United Methodist Church in GR, seeing both the need and opportunity, brought the program and it's staff under their umbrella and ReadGR was born.

What seemed like a door closing for this high impact literacy program has turned into many doors being thrown wide open. ReadGR is thrilled to partner with local congregations and businesses to bring the love of reading to at-risk students in various charter schools along with Godfrey Lee, Godwin Heights, Kentwood, and Northview Public School districts.


Meet the Team

ReadGR is led by two amazing and dedicated women
who are both experts in their field and a whole lot of fun!


Sara Binkley Tow

Sara's bio coming soon!

Becca Walsh-Wolfe

Becca's bio coming soon!

The ReadGR Advisory Team

As amazing as our Program Managers are, they can't do it alone!
The ReadGR Advisory Team brings some of the best minds in GR together to increase our children's literacy rates!

Team member 1

Brief bio/org affiliation coming soon!

Team member 2

Brief bio/org affiliation coming soon!